B-lines b4…

Because the A to Z Challenge community asserts an expectation that all posts not BRANDED as “adult material” should be suitable for family audiences whilst ideas of what is and isn’t OK for impressionable young / vulnerable minds seems to vary beyond belief around the world, I’d best add this here, in the BEGINNING…

[cautionary note: this post includes a couple of segments with BOLDED content warning for native English language of the everyday acceptable type [UK] and a little opining on current affairs (ie. news/media) perhaps contradicting / conflicting with popular opinion.

Breakiing beads of sweat [being behind schedule], my blankboard bestows BUBBLING BALONEY


BLOSSOMiNG (wild cherry?)

BLOOMING (must find out the name of this plant brightening my yard)

[Post updated with flowering photos, Su.05/04/2020]

BE(a)WARE: content warning for next BLOCK’s strong everyday English language use -N.B.: these words are not cuss-words, “swearing” or “BAD language” in polite British languaged society. BITTE, (ie. Please / s’il vous plait) Skip elsewhere if you choose to BE/feel offended BY BRITISH English use.

However you BREAD and BUTTER it…

Who BE Britons??!! (Is the word “Briton” American? It is NOT an English word and is entirely BLOODY well offensive! No BRITISH publication/BROADCASTER should be BLATANTLY BLASTING that bastardisation of British English in British tabloids, BROADSHEETS, media products (/tions) etc.

Better meal-planning would be BENEFICIAL during England’s current BEMUSING inflictions of trade wars etc. during the BELEAGUERING National Health Service coronavirus crisis BEDFELLOWING mass hysteria… imminent national bankruptcy, BORDERLINE risk of socioeconomic collapse etc. BEST WISHES BETTER be BETTER!

BEGETTING a BUTTY by BATTERY light [oven chips & coleslaw sandwich).

Ten fave words of the day beginning with B:

  • Blurbillorous/Blurbacious(?)
  • Beckoning
  • Biblical
  • Bulwark
  • Bethunking
  • Beatniks
  • Britpop
  • Balderdash
  • Boogalieuga
  • Boogiewoogie

BLURB’s a BIZARRE word – wherever does it come from? BLATHER?

Anthem for today’s letter B is Beastie Boys, Sabotage (as before,  ie. Audio only – though the video’s well worth viewing if data quota allows).


Befuddled expectation, this track always brings to mind the  BOXY robot in the video for Intergalactic.

I’ll have to listen again for words in the lyrics beginning with B (BECAUSE….?) Brooklyn caught BETWEEN my ears – I’ve never BEEN, only virtually – have you? I’m brooding over a potential Lynbrook/Anglian connection BETWIXT breakfast and bedtime any better BROWSiNG day.

By the way, the Brooklyn Public Library Sketchbook Project is well worth a look for budding artists & if your BUDGET can withstand a substantial but very reasonable fee they send you a small (A5ish) sketchbook for you to fill with drawing then return to the project for archiving & public access. A digital version of your sketchbook can be made there too, for an extra fee. Hopefully the project’s still going. I learnt about this from an artist/blogger named Bobby during 2018’s A to Z challenge, so up-to-date factchecking needed. (I was blogging at bedressed.wordpress.com back then, maybe we bumped into each other there…)

[Post updated with closing text. BELOW, Su.05/04/2020]

Back to… Awesome (cheesy?) TV classics for ‘B’?


BEFUDDLING my blog, I don’t have anything to add for the above TV reference. Whyever memory of it brings to mind BARBARA GUEST’s poem, ‘Twenty’ and how that poem seems to reference and pay tribute to the great Frank O’Hara is something else for me (and / you?) to return to another day.

Thanks for browsing my blog. Please feel free to leave a comment and a bloglink if you’re taking part and I’ll be sure ito stop by and reciprocate (but please be patient as i’m bound to be having some bad days with post-exertional pain & low concentration etc while local BUSSES in my area are withdrawn and online supermarket deliveries are implausible for BIG demands during lockdown. (Thank goodness for local businesses doing their best;)

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BACK SOON for a catchup ‘C’…

A to Z April Challenge?

April already, where does the time fly? Admissions: (1) I don’t have a preconceived theme and (2) I’m behind schedule before I’ve even started. So I’m ATTEMPTiNG …

A little ACTIVITY hopefully goes a long way to ACHIEVING some small AIM.
Around and about in the garden, an Angl [Anglic/English person, actually me], snapping/snapped at an angle.

Ten fave words of the day beginning with A:

  • Anapestic
  • Artefact
  • Associative
  • Anaerobically
  • Appropriative
  • Allegorical
  • Aggregate
  • Attentive
  • Alienation
  • Additive

I’ll maybe have to insist the list above is ALMOST a poem! I guess that rounds up my post for Letter A….

Although… I’d like to ADD an Anthem, anyone for Audioslave?

[Below: updating post, Th.03/04/2020]


Sharing the audio only version of Audioslave’s 2002 hit “Like a Stone” for UK/worldwide listeners with limited data, although I’d recommend the video for this song for the ARCHITECTURE and ATTRACTIVE visuals (via the band’s official Vevo site, also available at YouTube) … ALSO the handful of words beginning with ‘A’ in the lyrics making (a) poetic line(/s).

Awesome (cheesy?) TV classics for ‘A’?

Are You Being Served?

ARTICHOKES? No ta, AVACADOES mebbeh, depends on availability, accessibility….

Ah, how they remind of Allen Ginsberg’s artistry with poetry and art history in his ARRANGEMENT of “A Supermarket…” whilst a post-graduate student at Berkeley, California, USA.

Anyway, I wasn’t meaning to run on and on an’on, so that’s ALL folk!

Thanks for reading, hope coronavirus and lockdown isn’t ruining your days or wrecking your life. Are you partaking in the A to Z April Challenge? It’s been hosted by Arlee and a team of supporting bloggers since 2009! Visit the official challenge website/blog http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com (sign-up form is open until 5th April).

April Ahoy! (MLA 2020 #1)

I”ve been missing blogging for so long it hurts! Whilst I have made a note (mental note or manually/offline) & had plans to post, I’ve been absent altogether & it”s now beyond “about-time” to join in with the challenge …

#MonthlyLookAhead logo created by challenge host VDonovan at their blog, coolbeans4.wordpress.com

I’m lagging, sluggish and snailzpace as ever, concentration low, attention span diminished, troubled vision, etcetera etc., so trying to keep my blog posts simple and fun to make while I learn this device, WordPress app & finally brave attempts with the block editting option.

So, I love the host”s question, “What’s getting you out of bed this month?” and how the chalked list I prepped and snapped earlier resonates in answer, by chance, to that prompt.

I’m hoping not to write too much – hopefully my pics are readable…

That’s not IT! MLA Teaser!
My list for MLA April 2020 (left of image), a good book* to continue doodling in & pen tub at the ready (right of image).

Book ISBN: 978-0-399-16113-1

I’ll be aiming to follow Michael Nobbs’ advice + drawing prompts and reach for my pens and pencils a little more regularly than once in a blue moon and twice in a month of Sundays! His book is a treasured gift (2017) ‘though I mistakenly received the AmEn (AmericanEnglish) version rather than the English (graphic) text.

It makes little difference overall, requiring only the small effort of self-correcting minor errors of grammar and spelling, ironing out the annoyance of English writers & artists imposed conversion to AmEn text by bogus publishers(!) AND by choice I do enjoy American languaged writings(!)… Honestly!! …but…standardisation? Worra-kerfufflin’hogwash!

Fussy “pedantic” me and my Clumsy Englishness!!

Snapped this morning in my garden … Wild cherry tree blossom, the first year it ever produced blossom in more than 8 years of my residence here. A moment of fresh air, sunshine and rejoicing Nature in Springtime for sure!

Identifying the tree (pictured above) was easier now it’s blossoming and thanks to info found at the National Trust website, (link via Twitter as browser clipboard failing or being a HOE (Human Operative Error) ?!… https://twitter.com/colBLeap2020/status/1245665658085560321?s=19

Easterly view very nearby from my humble home in the outskirts of Nottingham City suburbs, England, UK.

UK lockdown for public health protection and infection control isn’t much different to normal disenabled everyday life as a #pwME (person with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ Systemic Exertion Intolerance) other than recent changes in public norms amounting to crooks gestapoing and industrial trade wars removing and/or reducing access to basic necessities and further hindering mobility and access to services for those unable to walk to main road bus stops, using covid-19 crisis as convenient strategy to achieve a decades old County type plan to segregate citizens Battle of Algiers style. Otherwise life goes on, more or less as normal, rationed as ever… pecksish, not starving…

Forgot those bics (bourbons, above) at afternoon tea-time coffee break from drafting at my post, need to get away to mash up some supper now. A bodged hodgepodge post reaching for closure, so out of practise, it’ll do… as it has to do…

How’s your April plans lining up? Enjoying the break from pressured routines and more much needed “me time”? If you’re unwell, anxious, in distress and/or struggling, here’s truly hoping your circumstances improve as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading, wishing health, happiness etc for all.

Filling a gaping gap…?!

Usual probs + tech hinsrance(s) _= new device & this here new blog!

ME & being typically me again, Leap2020 delayed by the chronic and much time offline etc. Page links might follow eventually. Original ideas/plan rescheduled I guess to next leap year (2024)!

Meanwhile, as there”s 39 weeks of 2020 plus the final 8 weeks of this current leap year during early 2021, hopefully some links to #Leap2020 stuff on pages may appear here in the fullness of time.